The Glass Recycling Company

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) consists of a team dedicated to increasing glass recycling in South Africa. We are passionate about ensuring every South African realises the value of recycling glass and actively embraces this practice.

We strive to educate, enable, encourage and inspire individuals to separate their glass for recycling, but do not physically collect or recycle the glass. Our focus extends beyond consumers and communities, but also on trade, industry and corporate South Africa. We also aim to uplift impoverished communities by creating income generating opportunities and skills development in the recycling sector.

TGRC is funded by our committed shareholders who manufacture glass or package their products in glass.

We believe in the infinite potential of glass to make a real and positive contribution to society. At TGRC we are committed to show that glass recycling is worth the effort!

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There are 3 ways to reduce the amount of waste glass in South Africa:

Recycle your glass
Glass recycling is the process whereby you return glass bottles and jars to the manufacturers. The manufacturers then melt the glass container to make brand new packaging. Read our Why recycle section for more info.

Return your glass
Returnable bottles are glass beverage bottles that can be returned to a supermarket, liquor outlet or retailer once empty, for a refund. These glass containers will be sent to the beverage company where the bottles are sterilised and refilled ready to be reused several times.

Reuse your glass
Use your glass containers again and again after the glass has been used for its original purpose. A glass bottle can be used again to hold another liquid or be used as something new – for example a glass bottle can be reused as a vase.


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Today, we remember the father of South Africa. We strive to continue his legacy and strive to improve our beautiful country. By recycling glass South Africans are ensuring we preserve our natural resources and in addition glass recycling plays a valuable role in informal job creation. ... See MoreSee Less

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Elijah Ulrich Zwingli-MantshiIn memory of Cde Mandela We celebrate the revolutionary life and times of our revered leader, former President of the African National Congress (ANC); first Commander-in-Chief of the people’s liberation army, uMkhonto we Sizwe; founding President of our first democratically elected government. Comrade Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Tata Madiba, Nkosi Dalibhunga. Comrade Mandela was a revolutionary to the end! He never defined himself or accepted to be defined outside the collective leadership of, and outside the national liberation movement led by the ANC. He in fact declared with sense of humour, that the first thing he will ask after death when he arrives in heaven is whether there is an ANC branch, and that if there is none he will go ahead and establish it. A luta Continua – the struggle continues in memory of Comrade Mandela1   ·  2 weeks ago

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We are working on the issue and will notify you once it has been resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience.
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With great sadness we learnt of the passing of Dr Ian Player. Our condolences to the family and friends of the renowned nature conservationist. The 87 year old, passed away peacefully on 30 November 2014 after a short illness. Ian committed his life to wildlife conservation and to the preservation of South Africa’s rhino.We salute his commitment to eco-conservation. ... See MoreSee Less

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